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Baltimore advertising icons seek new home

She doesn’t mind his retro look with the slicked-back hair and handlebar mustache. He couldn’t care less that she’s a bit zaftig from constantly eating potato chips. And let them all gossip about the age difference.

For Mr. Boh and the Utz girl, it’s love. But it’s also time to move on. Or just move.

The two Baltimore advertising icons, for National Bohemian beer and Utz snacks, have perched high above Penn Station at the Jones Falls Expressway since 2007, with Mr. Boh on his knee proposing to Ms. Utz with a ring he purchased at Smyth Jewelers. The ad campaign was created by MGH.

But the billboard is changing to a digital one in early May, so Smyth has announced it’s looking for a new place for the couple.

“Natty Boh and the Little Utz girl are Baltimore’s version of the royal couple, which is why it’s imperative that their next home pay homage to the sense of pride they instill in our city,” Tom Smyth, president of Smyth Jewelers, said in a news release. “While we wholeheartedly support digital billboards, Natty and Miss Utz are a traditional couple looking for a more permanent home that isn’t quite so flashy.”

If you have a suggested new spot, let Smyth know. He did say the company’s preference is to paint the scene on brick.

The scene did make us wonder one thing, though. Did Utz girl at least wash her hands after she said “yes”? With her fingers coated from being stuck inside the bag of chips, that ring would slide right off.