Let my people go … eat ice cream?

Why is this ice cream different from all other ice creams?

The Charmery ice cream shop in Hampden announced it is offering two Passover-inspired flavors in honor of the holiday that started Monday night.

One is described this way: “Brick and Mortar — a take on the Passover seder staple with an apple cinnamon base and date and walnut pieces throughout.” This is a reference to charoset, the apple-walnut mixture traditionally eaten with horseradish and on matzo. The “brick and mortar” is what charoset represents, a reminder of the Jews’ slave labor to build Egyptian pyramids.

The Charmery’s other special flavor incorporates pieces of chocolate-covered matzo into a sweet cream base.

What, no macaroon flavor?

Unfortunately, Jews who observe Passover likely won’t be partaking of these treats, because ice cream in general isn’t kosher for Passover.

The Charmery, known for its many variations on ice cream — often tied to different holidays and seasons — also promises an Easter flavor this weekend inspired by Peeps.

And since we’re talking about Passover, let me relate an old story from a former colleague, Don Markus of The Baltimore Sun. One year when he was covering the Masters in Augusta, Ga., the golf tournament fell during Passover. Trying his best to keep to the Passover food rules while on the road, Markus asked the waitress at the Augusta diner where he was eating whether she could bring him some matzo. She replied that she could, then added: “Would y’all like some bread with that?”

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