A judge on the jury

Following a hearing Wednesday, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Pamela White said she would issue her ruling as soon as possible. But the speed of her decision would largely depend on what happened Thursday, when she was called for jury duty.

(Judges — they’re just like us!)

White’s admission led to knowing smiles and laughs from the lawyers in the courtroom. James P. Ulwick of Kramon & Graham P.A. in Baltimore then told his own judge-on-jury story:

It was the mid-1980s and Ulwick had a medical malpractice trial before the late Judge Martin B. Greenfeld. Among the jurors selected was one of Greenfeld’s colleagues, Judge Joseph H.H. Kaplan.

Greenfeld, according to Ulwick, made sure to appoint Kaplan “Juror No. 2.”

As for White, her office says she was not selected to sit on a jury Thursday.

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