RESI: The winter of our (economic) discontent

Following the release of Maryland’s jobs report on Friday, the Towson University Regional Economic Studies Institute took a dramatic take on the state’s winter woes, with a little help from the Bard.

“‘Now is the winter of our discontent…,’ Richard, Duke of Gloucester, comments at the opening of Shakespeare’s “Richard III.” Although the metaphor is used to describe Richard’s thoughts on his brother, Edward IV’s rise to the throne, the same could be said about Maryland’s economic performance this winter.”

The state economy seemed to be struggling underneath record amounts of snow, after January’s jobs report showed a loss of 6,100 jobs,  and February’s a loss of 600. But, RESI said, the March report shows “a plot twist,” with the addition of 2,300 jobs in the state, and a revision of February’s report which says that the state actually gained 1,000 that month, rather than losing 600.

RESI’s report later references the “slings and arrows of a thousand outrageous fortunes,” that Maryland experienced due to “‘Tempest’ like” weather.

As for the future, RESI said “Now the fun begins, as the ‘world’s a stage’ for which the economy shall unfold.”

Who said economics isn’t poetic?

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