Yup, that really happened before the liquor board

Former city liquor board chairman Steve Fogelman was sworn in Thursday as an Orphans’ Court judge, which means the end of his most enjoyable Twitter feed as we know it. I was late to the game following @BaltoBeerBaron but there was no better source about what was going on at the liquor board, plus he had a sense of humor when interacting with followers.

Perhaps it was only fitting, then, that Fogelman provided to City Paper a list of the “Top 10 Outrageous Moments” during his time on the liquor board. It’s well worth a few minutes of your time. Here’s a sample:

6) Implausible Defense: A defense lawyer for a nightclub on the Block argued repeatedly, with a straight face, that the dancer there had agreed to be paid $150 by an undercover police officer simply for the right to be a gentleman and drive her home, and nothing else.

So thank you, Mr. (Former) Beer Baron, and here’s to hoping the wacky and the weird keep happening under the new liquor board chairwoman.

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