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Women in tech
By Lady Pain (Marta Manso) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Women in tech may find better pay parity

Good news for tech-savvy women in Maryland — according to a New York Times blog post, the gender pay gap is smaller in tech jobs.

According to data from Harvard labor economist Claudia Goldin, the post says, women in computer science get paid about 89 percent of what men in those jobs are paid. Overall, the pay gap in the tech sector is smaller than in finance, medicine and law.

So why is that good for Maryland women?

As reported last week, mergers and investments have been popping up all over Maryland’s tech sector, and experts say that bodes well for tech job-seekers. And with more tech start-ups (such as Frederick-based Luminal) coming to Maryland, that also means more jobs in fields like cybersecurity and cloud computing.

Goldin also said that the trend holds true in technology jobs in other, non-technology businesses as well.