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Legal marketing 101: Don’t kiss, do tell

Legal marketing 101: Don’t kiss, do tell

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“Don’t kiss your clients, but market like you want to.”

Yes, it’s a pretty racy proposition for a profession that was just told not to friend jurors on Facebook. But that’s the advice that founder and CEO Mark Britton gives solos and small firms.

Avvo is, of course, the online find-a-lawyer site that is almost certainly cluttering up your Inbox with repeated pleas to update your attorney profile at this very minute. But it is also the host of this week’s Lawyernomics 2014  conference.

According to a post in the ABA Journal’s Law News Now, the session also included branding lessons from keynote speaker/blogger Peter Shankman and lawyer-turned-legal-thriller-writer  Jay Shepherd, who says a story-telling approach can differentiate your marketing from the rest of the law firms out there and allow clients to connect with you on a human level. “We’re hardwired to learn through stories,” says Shepherd, who “hung up his lawyer spurs in 2011” and now speaks and writes on workplace issues as well his Warren Archer novels.

So what does it mean to market like you want to kiss your client? Use your imagination — or check out the full Law News Now report on Thursday’s session by the ABA Journal’s Victor Li.

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