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Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown
Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown. File Photo April 1, 2014 (The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears)

Gansler, Mizeur accuse Brown of ducking TV debate

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown is being accused of ducking a debate by two of his Democratic gubernatorial opponents.

The gubernatorial campaigns for Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler and Del. Heather R. Mizeur issued a rare joint statement Wednesday accusing Brown ducking a televised debate in a statement his campaign issued earlier that day.

At issue is whether or not the three campaigns agreed to televised debates in March when they announced they would participate in debates in the Baltimore and Washington markets and a third to be broadcast statewide.

Brown’s campaign, in a statement issued early Wednesday morning, announced three debates. The first is a May 7 event at the University of Maryland and scheduled to be televised in the Washington and Hagerstown television markets. A second debate is scheduled for June second on Maryland Public Television.

The third debate is scheduled for an as yet to be determined date on WOLB radio and moderated by former Sen. Larry Young.

But the Gansler and Mizeur campaigns balked at the Brown announcement and said it was misrepresented as an agreement by the three campaigns when it was not.

Katie Hill, a Ganlser campaign spokeswoman said the original agreement between the campaigns was for three televised debates.

“We look forward to the two scheduled television debates and the addition of a radio debate. We hope Lt. Governor Brown and his campaign will reconsider their decision to back out of a third televised debate,” said Katie Hill, communications director for the Gansler-Ivey campaign.

Hill, in the joint statement from the Gansler and Mizeur campaigns, said the two candidates “will participate as planned in a third televised debate with Fox 45 in Baltimore. We hope Lt. Governor Brown will join us as we believe that the voters deserve to see and hear the candidates in as many venues as possible.”

Justin Schall, Brown’s campaign manager, said the Gansler and Mizeur campaigns are not accurately remembering the agreement.

An email provided by the Brown campaign shows the agreement between the three candidates agreed to three broadcast debates—one each in the Washington and Baltimore markets and a third broadcast statewide. The agreement used the word “broadcast” generically and does not specify whether the debates would be on television or radio.

“Regrettably the Gansler and Mizeur campaigns have a strange view of history,” Schall said in an emailed statement. “They agreed to three debates and we have scheduled three debates. If they now want to change the agreement they should at least have the courtesy to be up front about it and explain which of the three debates on the current schedule they want to cancel: NBC4, Larry Young, or Maryland Public TV— to replace with a Fox Sinclair debate. The Brown-Ulman campaign will continue to honor its commitment to the three original organizations to host the three debates.”

Ralph Jaffe, Charles U. Smith and Cindy A. Walsh are also seeking the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

One comment

  1. C. Thomas Boone

    Brown’s strategy in running for election is to run as far away as possible from actual confrontation with his colleagues. Who ever heard of a Lt. Governor not being able to ask his famiily to slightly rearrange the timing of a baptismal ceremony (I believe that is what the excuse was that finally given) in ordte er to be able to attend a public forum debate which has been planned for mont and months – and giving very last minute notice at that? How absurd. BROWN thiinks the people of this state are total morons. If I had been in that dilemna for real and there was some real reason the baptism had to take place at the exact time the event had been planned, why not simply have the baptism as a partt of the event? It would have been unconventional however I am sure the audience would have loved it and BROWN would have gotten countless votes for his originality and out-of-the-box solution. Oh sure some Ms. Manners would be telling him “oh you can’t do that” – but really you cannot spend your life listening to morons like Ms. Manners.
    What a bunch of nonsens

    BROWN performed abysmally last night and he knows it. He is absolutel y incapable of holding his onw against GANSLER because (1) GANSLER knows the issues and has a much betteer, much more in touch, more solution-oriented perspective on how to deal with them, (2) GANSLER may sometimes come off as being a bit rude but the simple fact of the matter is he is an extremely shrewd and adept prosecutor, negotiator, executive with mountains and mountains and mountains of real life experinece in contrast to BROWN and he could debate Brown and win with both eyes closed sound asleep, and (3) Gansler genuinely cares about the people of the State of Maryland, all the people of the State of Maryland whereas Brown is more than happy to even write off good parts of Baltimore and PG, his supposed deeply l gioyal constituency, because the simple truth is Brown doesn’t really care. 8 years of inaction are proof enough.