Towson City Center
(The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

Towson key to countywide commercial revitalization

As Towson goes, so goes Baltimore County’s other Commercial Revitalization Districts.

That is the opinion of Robert E. Latshaw Jr., chairman of the Baltimore County Economic Development Commission. During an interview for a story about Towson developing into an urban area, Latshaw argued that if the county couldn’t spur growth in the county seat, it was going to have a hard time attracting investment in other parts if the county.

“If you can’t save Towson, and have it grow like its been growing, there’s no way you can save the other revitalization districts like Pikesville, Parkville, Catonsville and Essex,” Latshaw said. “The county seat has got to be a success — and it is. And will be more so in the future.”

There are 16 commercial revitalization areas in Baltimore County.  All of the zones are considered “‘front doors’ to our desired established communities,” according to the county’s website. Resources such as 10 free hours of architectural services, a $30,000 interest-free loan and a commercial revitalization tax credits are available in the zones.


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