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Live Baltimore says customers purchased 20% of city homes

Live Baltimore, an organization that promotes city living, says its customers bought 20 percent of the homes sold in the city in March.

Katie Schroeder, Live Baltimore’s customer outreach representative, said the organization came up with the percentage after breaking down figures from RealQuest, a real estate data firm. She said Live Baltimore employees looked at the number of houses sold and removed all those not sold to an individual. They then cross-referenced home buyers with people registered on their website and reached the 20 percent figure.

“This is really the first year that we’ve scrubbed the home sales data to take out, like, the LLCs and the corporations. Typically that’s all looked at together,” Schroeder said. “But we realize that doesn’t really reflect owner occupants that well.”

The company started tracking how many of its customers purchased homes in a given month in January. In the first month Live Baltimore customers purchased about 8 percent of the homes sold that month. In February that number jumped to about 17 percent, Schroeder said.

According to the Long & Foster Market Minute, 508 houses were sold in March. That’s up from 392 in February.