The dance of (administrative) law

Why spend the day studying in the library when you could dance across the streets of New York City?

Students at New York University School of Law have created a music and dance video to teach administrative law.

The video, “The Chevron Two Step” features an original dance and song with lyrics about Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, one of the most cited cases in American administrative law that created the test on when to defer to a government agency’s interpretation of its own statute.

The video begins with law school students taking a test. But it’s no ho-hum exam day for these students, because soon the music sets in and one by one they climb atop their desks only seconds into their four-hour test to dance.

Lyrics to the song include:

I give deference

Step one:  Is there ambiguity?

Step two: Lookin’ for reasonability.

If it passes the test, then it’s as good as gone;

We defer to the agency, it’s called the Chevron.



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