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COPSLIE license plate
A license plate, requested by New Hampshire resident David Montenegro, which the state's top court said should be allowed. (Source: WBZ-TV)

License (plate) to protest

I love a good vanity license plate as much as the next guy. (My favorite one belongs to Dr. Howard Cooperman.) I also love a good list of banned vanity license plates, if only to try to decipher some of the absurd and/or obscene things people think of.

Which brings us to David Montenegro of New Hampshire, who in 2010 was denied vanity plates reading “COPSLIE.”

Montenegro, backed by the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, appealed the decision, arguing the state law that prohibits vanity plates “a reasonable person would find offensive to good taste” is unconstitutionally vague.

On Wednesday, a unanimous state Supreme Court sided with Montenegro.

“We acknowledge that the phrase ‘offensive to good taste’ is modified by the ‘reasonable person’ standard,” the court wrote. “However, this modifier fails to provide sufficient guidance to DMV officials in determining which vanity registration plates shall be authorized. …Indeed, speech that one reasonable person finds ‘offensive to good taste’ may not be offensive to the good taste of another reasonable person.”

I guess U could say this opinion is GR8 4 Montenegro.