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A (beer) league of their own

First there was Skee-Ball.

Add a few beers and a dash of rowdiness and you have Brewskee-Ball.

Brewskee-Ball calls itself  “The First-Ever National Skee-Ball League,” in which teams in bars compete, playing the arcade game that involves rolling a ball, bowling-style, up a ramp into various holes with worth different amounts of points.

Here is where it stops being fun and games: the term “Skee-Ball” is trademarked by Skee-Ball Inc.

The suburban Philadelphia company is suing the league in federal court for trademark infringement and Brewskee-Ball has filed a countersuit saying the term is generic.

So, c’mon, guys. Can’t we Skeep this whole drama, have a few beers and just have fun?

Here’s our question: which side has a better claim?

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