Presidential tomb raiders

When you’re ranking 19th-century presidents with facial hair, James A. Garfield is definitely on the list.

Our 20th president’s time in office was tragically cut shot by an assassin’s bullet in 1881, less than a year into his term, so the list of his accomplishments is short. (His death, however, led to an overhaul of how government jobs are awarded.)

Garfield is buried outside of Cleveland in a cemetery, which also has a monument dedicated to him. I only discovered this because last week, thieves broke into Garfield’s tomb and stole 13 commemorative spoons. The spoons, according to a cemetery official, are from Garfield’s inauguration and feature his face engraved in the handles.

The thieves, who remain at large, left behind a “T-shirt, two cigarette butts, and an empty bottle of Fireball cinnamon whiskey,” according to The Washington Post.

I’m no detective, but someone should check on the whereabouts in the last week of the descendants of Charles Guiteau.

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