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Mizeur posts first ad, seeks money to televise it

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Heather R. Mizeur and her running mate Delman Coates released the first ad in their campaign along with a request to supporters to help them get it on television.

The 30-second spot, posted on YouTube over the weekend highlights some of Mizeur’s personal story about growing up and walking a picket line with her father. The commercial also touches her jobs plan and paying for expanded early childhood education using money generated from legalizing and taxing marijuana.

So far, the internet is the only place you can see the Mizeur-Coates campaign ad.

In a campaign email, Coates tells supporters that he and his running mate are “$12,694 away from having the funds to get us on the air.” The email provides a link to supporters where they can help.

Mizeur, a Democratic delegate from Montgomery County, becomes the last of the three leading Democratic candidates to release a campaign spot. By contrast, Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown and Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler have already released a number of television spots. The frequency of those ads is expected to increase in the final weeks before the June 24 primary.

Ralph Jaffe, Charles U. Smith and Cindy A. Walsh have also filed as candidates in the Democratic Primary Election.

Experts over the last several months have expressed concerns about whether or not Mizeur will be able to raise enough money to get her message out on television.

Mizeur’s campaign is accepting public financing dollars. As of her last report in May, the Mizeur-Coates campaign account had nearly $814,000 in cash on hand.

Brown, in his most recent reports filed in January, had $7.1 million in cash on hand including money raised by his running mate, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman. Gansler during the same period reported about $6.3 million.

All of these figures will be updated when new campaign reports are filed over the next week. The first pre-primary deadline closes on Tuesday.