Airmall and BWI celebrate 10 years

The Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport marks the 10-year anniversary of its partnership with Airmall this month.

Since the airport’s retail spaces began to operate under Airmall’s developer model, annual sales have doubled, and rent revenue has nearly tripled, according to statistics from Airmall. The number of jobs in those spaces has also increased from 500 in 2004 to more than 1,400 now.

And despite Airmall’s street pricing requirement of its renters, sales per enplaning passenger have increased from $5.47 to $10.50.

“That metric speaks directly to whether or not you’re giving the passengers what they want,” said Brett Kelly, vice president of Airmall at BWI.

Some union representatives have said that the street-pricing model limits store profits and keeps the stores from paying sufficient wages. Two groups of employees from BWI took action on Thursday to demand better working conditions, including workers from Hudson News who went on a one-day strike for better wages and benefits.

Kelly has said he receives no feedback from the tenants about the street-pricing model affecting wages.

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