Divorce, witness protection style

Kim Rothstein is trying to divorce Scott Rothstein, but it sure isn’t easy when the government is hiding your soon-to-be (you hope) ex-husband, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports.

Scott Rothstein pleaded guilty to running a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, but he also told the government about some other organized crime activities. So he’s incarcerated under federal witness protection, at one of the secret locations used to keep his former associates from getting to him.

That makes it hard to serve divorce papers. Kim Rothstein has had to file for an extension from a Florida judge — the couple used to live in Fort Lauderdale — because she couldn’t serve him with the documents within the normal deadline.

Now, at least Kim Rothstein is easy to find. She’s imprisoned at a not-secret federal facility in Sumterville, Florida, having pleaded guilty to hiding assets from criminal and bankruptcy court officials.

“We are working under a very unique set of circumstances,” Kim Rothstein’s lawyer, Jamie Morris, told the Sun Sentinel. “Since Mr. Rothstein is being held in an undisclosed location, we have encountered some difficulty.”

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  1. Come on??? I know there are more ” Divorce, witness protection style” cases going on other then the Rothstein’s. The only reason theirs was made public is the dollar figure involved. This really is not fair at all to the divorcing spouse. WITSEC needs to put some guidelines in place that despite informant status; you will take care of your obligatory duties to your spouse/children. It is like a get out of jail free card on all counts.
    Court records are sealed, phony court dockets, appearances, & rulings are made, wages can not be garnished, paternity can not be established, alimony is out, spousal support is out ,child support is out, you can not have a trial, you can not FOIA the spouse, and the spouse pursuing the divorce is made to look crazy because the spouse “does not exist” no social security, no entitlement to maritial property,assets, vehicles to name a few of the complications that arise. The victim gets re-victimized over and over… and the marshalls that run the program get pissed at you because you are “causing problems”. The marshalls, court system, lawyers, judges, let the protected party harass, stalk, & put families in danger using their loopholes provided to them.The victim gets told over and over the accused has rights, not to make conspiracy theories ( fear…so they don’t have to do their jobs)- the US Constitution does not apply in this situation at all. WITSEC informants supercedes ALL!!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing Anon. This author has no clue….boo hoo…6 months…what you described is slow torture and abuse beyond what any person should ever have to endure….horrible….this is a horrible system that allows abuse to wives of witsec rats….not a clue.

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