Dressed for the occasion

The dress code for the Maryland Municipal League convention is very relaxed. In fact cargo shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops are the norm.

So Richard P. Cote, commissioner chair for the Town of Cottage City, really stood out. Cote sported War of 1812 period clothing, which included leggings and a tri-corner hat, on Tuesday to promote the area’s celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Bladensburg.

Although U.S. forces were resoundingly defeated — the battle was referred to derisively as the “Bladensburg Races” — one of the fight’s heroes, Commodore Joshua Barney, will be honored with a statue this summer.

Barney, from Baltimore County, led a flotilla against the British in the Patuxent River and then commanded a group of 400 marines during the battle. He suffered a wound to his thigh and eventually surrendered. He died as a result of his wounds in 1818 in Pittsburgh.

The new monument to Barney will be unveiled on Aug. 23, and the celebration will continue on Aug. 24, the day the battle was fought.

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