Lockheed CEO highlights accomplishments, future directions

Lockheed Martin Corp. is one of Maryland’s top employers, and it’s the top federal government contractor in the country.

But many may still be left wondering “what exactly do they do there?”

Well CEO Marillyn A. Hewson made the answer quite clear in her remarks Monday at the company’s media day in Arlington.

Among other things, we can thank Lockheed Martin for smartphone weather updates, air traffic control and GPS navigation, she explained in her speech.

“Only a short time ago, these everyday conveniences would have seemed impossible,” she said.

Hewson also summarized some of the company’s major projects in the works, to combat problems as technical as cyber attacks or as fundamental as a shortage of clean drinking water.

“I’m a realist about the complexities that today’s environment presents,” she said. “I’m exceedingly optimistic about our ability to solve them.”

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