Takeout order goes all way to World Cup

There’s ordering takeout, and then there’s really ordering your food to go. As in transatlantic.

Mustafa Azim, who owns Imperial Air Salvage, had enjoyed the curry from an Indian restaurant that Azim encountered when the establishment performed catering during the making of the movie “The Edge of Tomorrow,” which was filming in England. If you watch the Tom Cruise movie, those planes you see getting blown up were supplied by Azim’s company.

Azim and 12 of his friends are in Brazil for the World Cup, and he couldn’t find anyplace there that made the curry he craved. So Azim called Chilcha, located in Worthing, south of London on the English Channel, and ordered a meal to go.

“I thought he was making a joke,” Chilcha’s owner, Mohammed Wahid, told the Worthing Herald. “I couldn’t believe it. In the beginning, it was a little bit funny for me. I said, ‘How can this happen?’”

But happen it did, and the food was scheduled to fly from the United Kingdom to Brazil on Wednesday. How much did it cost? The total, for food and travel is about $7,100 — that breaks down to about $2,000 for the meal itself and the rest for air and ground transportation.

It was probably cold when it got there, though.

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