Photo by Jeremy Vandel via Flickr.
Photo by Jeremy Vandel via Flickr.

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue

In case you missed it, last week an Owings Mills clothing recycling company went to infinity and beyond to thwart thieves.

Mid-Atlantic Clothing Recycling, which manages clothing donation collection bins in six states, used a Buzz Lightyear stuffed toy to hold a GPS tracker, which was then used to track down a thief who had stolen six large bags of clothing donations.

“We have found law enforcement officials to be very appreciative of our efforts with the GPS devices,” says Max Glikman, Operations Manager of MAC Recycling, in a statement Thursday. “While we can’t identify the make and model of the vehicle transporting the stolen items, we can direct the police to within a few feet of the GPS tracker.”

MAC implemented the GPS technique after noticing a “rash of thefts,” said Glikman. Some of the bins were 40 percent less full of donations at collection time, he said.

MAC recycles the clothing (and shoe, stuffed toy, and linen) donations it collects and sends the recycled items to second- and third-world countries. About half of the donations are simply sent as secondhand clothing items, while others that can no longer be worn or used for their original purpose are repurposed into cleaning cloths, upholstery, mattresses, etc.

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