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Tynes, Donald SECUDonald Tynes Sr., chairman of the board of directors at SECU, the largest state-chartered financial cooperative in Maryland, has won two awards for his contributions to business and community service. The African Methodist Episcopal Church — 2nd Episcopal District named Tynes the Bishop’s Man of the Year for Community Service. The Zeta Sigma Alumni Chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. honored Tynes with its Bigger and Better Business Award. Tynes also serves as chairman of the Credit Union Foundation for the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. He spent 33 years in Maryland state government, including as deputy secretary of the state Department of Personnel, assistant to the chief deputy comptroller and Human Resources director for the University of Maryland System. He has also served as director of personnel for Anne Arundel County government. Tynes is on the staff of the Carl Murphy Fine Arts Center at Morgan State University and functions as business manager for the Morgan State University Choir.

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  1. On the front page of the October issue of “SECU & You” Rod Staatz asks us support Credit Unions by going
    to http://www.middleclass2016.com
    http://www.middleclass2016.com is a partisan website, supporting Donald Trump.

    I oppose any partisanship by SECU, and particularly support of a candidate whose economic plans
    have been opposed by the vast majority of serious economists.
    One need look no further than the author (Jason Miller – the senior communications advisor to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign) to see that the information is biased and not grounded in fact.

    Mr Staatz states SECU is “member-owned and democratically run.” Do a majority of SECU members
    agree to use funds and media to support Trump?

    I’m deeply troubled by this action by SECU.

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