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Maryland State Board of Elections
Maryland State Board of Elections (The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears)

Two candidates file for recounts

Two candidates in local races in Baltimore and Prince George’s Counties filed Thursday for recounts in their primary election races.

Tony Campbell, a Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, and outgoing Del. Doyle L. Niemann, a Democratic candidate for the Prince George’s County Council, both filed requests with their respective county election boards asking for a recount.

Campbell lost the primary to George H. Harman by a slim  18 votes or .08 percent of the 20,704 votes cast for both.

Niemann lost his primary to first-time candidate Deni Taveras, a former staffer for Sen. Victor Ramirez by 6 votes or .12 percent of the 4,840 votes cast for the two candidates.

Thursday was the last day for candidates to file for a recount.

State law allows for recounts but requires candidates to pay the costs if the difference in the between the winner and loser is less than one-tenth of a percent of the total number of votes cast. Candidates who are required to pay the costs of the recount must post a bond in the amount set by the Circuit Court of the county in which the recount is conducted.

Campbell, who filed the standard petition for recount for is eligible for a waiver of the costs.

Niemann’s campaign, in a hand-delivered letter to the Prince George’s County Board of Elections asked for a recount and a waiver alleging that nearly two dozen provisional ballots “were not counted properly.’

“Because this request is for recount is based solely on the Board’s failure to follow the clear language of the law, the regulations and the State Board’s own policies, Mr. Niemann submits that neither candidate should have to bear the costs of the recount,” wrote Jonathan S. Shurberg, an attorney representing Niemann.

Shurberg, in his letter, said Niemann believes the county board rejected some provisional ballots cast in his race that should have been counted.

It is not immesiately known if Niemann’s recount or his request for a waiver of fees will be accepted.