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Walsh suit seeks to overturn Democratic primary results

A Democratic candidate for governor is asking a court to overturn last month’s primary election results and name her the nominee for her party and award her $500,000 in damages.

Cindy Walsh

Cindy Walsh (Cindy Walsh/

Cindy Walsh, who is not an attorney but is representing herself, filed suit in Baltimore City Circuit Court seeking to have Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, Attorney General Douglas Gansler and Del. Heather R. Mizeur disqualified on the basis that the media and nonprofit organizations ignored and excluded her from events. Her lawsuit names the three leading candidates as well as Bobbie S. Mack, chairwoman of the state Board of Elections. State Election Administrator Linda H. Lamone, who is typically named in similar court actions, is not named as a defendant.

Walsh, in her court filing, wrote that if the case goes forward she will prove how “these widespread election irregularities without a doubt changed the results of the Democratic primary election for governor of Maryland and denied the citizens of Maryland the information on a campaign platform that in all probability included issues valuable to their decision to vote and whom to vote.”

Walsh, along with Ralph Jaffe and Charles U. Smith were also on the Democratic primary ballot with Brown, Gansler and Mizeur.

Walsh is asking the court to invalidate the primary election results and disqualify Brown, Gansler and Mizeur—who finished first, second and third respectively—leaving her the winner.

Brown, Gansler and Mizeur received a combined 471,502 votes in the June 24 primary. Walsh finished in fourth just a little bit behind with 6,863.

Additionally, Walsh asks for the court to refund filing fees to candidates who ran for governor and award her $500,000 in damages and that the court “assure the Maryland (General) Assembly pay this award or be sent to jail for contempt of court.”

Officials at the Maryland State Board of Elections were not immediately available for comment.