Montgomery’s CashKeys parking discontinued

The CashKeys option that’s been available for Montgomery County parking meters is going away.

The system, which allowed parkers to add time to county parking meters by inserting the key-like device into a special slot, is being discontinued. The manufacturer is no longer producing the key or supporting the system’s computer software, Montgomery County officials announced today.

Beginning July 21, the Montgomery County Division of Parking Management (DPM) will no longer sell new CashKeys or load additional value onto the keys.

CashKey owners may continue to use their keys until the loaded balance is zero, officials said, or they may turn in their key to receive the $15 refundable deposit and any remaining value stored on the key at the Bethesda Parking Sales Store, 4720 Cheltenham Drive (inside the Cheltenham Garage 42), 240-777-8770, or the Silver Spring Parking Sales Store (inside Town Square Garage 61), 809 Ellsworth Avenue, 240-777-8744.



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