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courthouse east
Courthouse East

Extreme Makeover: Appellate Judges’ Chambers Edition

The appellate judges’ chambers in Baltimore are getting a makeover.

The Board of Estimates on Wednesday signed off on a $450,000 contract for renovation work on the sixth floor of Courthouse East, where most of the city-based appellate judges have chambers. The money for the work is coming from the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Angelita Plemmer Williams, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Judiciary, said in an email the project will result in “chambers for two judges, two administrative assistants and four law clerks, which includes two offices with two restrooms, one open area for the staff and a storage area.”

The goal is to create contiguous space for the appellate judges’ chambers, Williams added.

Court of Appeals Judge Shirley M. Watts and Court of Special Appeals Judges Kevin F. Arthur and Stuart R. Berger all have offices in Courthouse East, while Judge Michael W. Reed, the newest member of the Court of Special Appeals, is based out of the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse across the street.

The Baltimore City Department of General Services is overseeing the design and construction of the project. A start date has not yet been determined.