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Councilman James Kraft speaks at the opening on Zipcar's offices in Baltimore. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

Kraft: County executive ‘irresponsible’ on Red Line funding

Baltimore Councilman James Kraft is not impressed with Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz’s stance on the proposed Red Line light rail route.

Kamenetz sent a letter to the state playing hardball about how much the county will pay for the controversial project. The state is reportedly seeking $200 million in local funds from the city and $50 million from the county to help pay for the $2.6 billion project. But in his letter Kamenetz said his jurisdiction is willing to pay $26.5 million.

“I think the county executive is irresponsible in his approach to [local funding]. Once again Baltimore County wants the benefits of things and wants the city to pick up the tab for it,” Kraft said.

That stance puts him at odd with state Sen. Bill Ferguson, though their respective districts overlap where the Red Line will run in Southeast Baltimore. In an article on Tuesday Ferguson said he thought Kamenetz was “being an honest and good advocate for his constituents.”

Kraft, a supporter of the Red Line, said he isn’t too concerned about the local funding being requested from Baltimore and Baltimore County yet because funding formulas have already changed and will probably do so again.

“I’m not sure at the end of the day what that number will be. These formulas come and go,” Kraft said.