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Truce extended in youth soccer legal battle

The temporary resolution to a legal battle between former leaders and current board members of the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association will remain in place for another 10 days.

A Montgomery County judge Thursday granted an extension of a temporary restraining order first issued July 16, when former MSYSA President Raymond I. Greenberg and Secretary Claire Filemyr submitted their letters of resignation.

The executive board members accused Greenberg and Filemyr of attempting to “usurp control of the organization” through “cheating, deception and manipulation.” The power struggle led to outrage and confusion from many of MSYSA’s 131 member clubs. Jacob S. Frenkel, a lawyer for the executive board members, sent a letter to the clubs last week after the initial TRO was granted to “break the silence and share what the majority of the Executive Board has done to restore [clubs’] confidence in the leadership and direction of the organization.”

Frenkel gave some legal background and noted the case, from the time of filing until the TRO was granted, took only six days. He also defended board members’ decision to go to court in the first place:

The Board Majority gave plenty of thought and careful consideration to the decision to pursue this course in the interest of the membership. Although this may appear, on its face, to create more disarray, in fact the opposite is true. The quickest and shortest path to eliminating the distractions and perceived turmoil is and was to obtain clarity as to leadership and move aside those whom the Board Majority and others, as alleged in the Complaint, considered to be harming the organization.

The leadership change was made days before the MSYSA was hosting the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championships, one of the most prestigious youth tournaments in the country. More than 100 boys’ and girls’ teams from across the country are playing in the tournament, which started July 21 and runs through Sunday at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Germantown.

“All of the feedback that I have received is that Nationals are a resounding success without interruption,” Frenkel said Thursday.