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What do governors dream of?

UPDATED (2:40 p.m.)—What do governors dream about when they take a little governor snooze?

One local parody-songwriter asks just that in a video posted over the weekend on YouTube.


Gov. Martin J. O’Malley struggled to stay awake during testimony for and against a state wetlands permit for the proposed Cove Point liquid natural gas export facility. The meeting was half of what was six hours of public meetings on July 23. (The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears)

Ronnie Buss, whose real name is Ronnie Tankersley, posted the song, which is a send up of “Stu’s Song” from the movie The Hangover. The parody draws inspiration from a recent Board of Public Works meeting where Gov. Martin J. O’Malley struggled to stay awake during a hearing on a wetlands permit related to the controversial Cove Point liquid natural gas export facility proposed for Lusby.

Buss, on his YouTube Channel, describes himself as a “singer/songwriter/parodist/common sense advocate. He regularly pokes fun at liberals, celebrities, sacred cows, and other topics. He sheds light on things that are topical and/or newsworthy.”

Tankersley, 53 and a resident of Pasadena, got his start in music playing in 80s New Wave bands.

“We liked to joke that 99 percent of the people had never heard of us but the 1 percent who had would stand out in a hurricane for us,” Tankersley said.

The musician got his start in parodies about two years ago after the economy tanked and he closed his remodeling business. Most of his tracks focused on national issues and he got some play on national programs including Dr. Demento, who helped launch the career of Weird Al Yankovic.

“When Dr. Demento says you’re talented that’s like Brad Pitt telling you that you’re a good looking guy,” Tankersley said.

Tankersley said he turned his attention to local politics after seeing a story on television in which Jayne Miller, an investigative reporter for WBAL television, attempted to interview Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown about the failures of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. Brown rebuffed Miller, calling it a “drive through interview.”

Tankersley put pen to paper and turned Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” into “I Won’t Back Brown.” He later added his take on The Beatles “Tax Man.”

He said he doesn’t work for Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan but said he wouldn’t turn down a paying gig from the Hogan campaign.

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