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Hogan targets Brown with “incompetent man” sequel

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan is returning to familiar themes in a campaign video that targets Democratic Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown.

In the video called “The Most Incompetent Man in Maryland Part 2,” Hogan returns to the themes of job loss in Maryland, a failed health exchange website, tax increases and the so-called rain tax. The campaign also pokes fun of a campaign van used by the Brown campaign that is registered in Virginia.

“It seems even his campaign van wants to move to Virginia,” the video’s narrator says.

The online ad was met with criticism from the Brown campaign.

“Larry Hogan is desperately trying to distort the truth and hide his conservative agenda to give huge tax breaks to big corporations, all while opposing raising the minimum wage and rejecting universal Pre-K – issues that matter to every Maryland family. Come Election Day, voters will reject Larry Hogan’s right-wing Republican agenda,” Justin Schall, a Brown campaign spokesman, wrote in an emailed statement.

The video by the Hogan campaign is the second that has spoofed the Dos Equis beer commercials featuring a suave, bearded gentleman referred to as the “most interesting man in the world.”

And while the beer company spokesman urges consumers to “stay thirsty, my friends,” the narrator in the Hogan online ads urge voters to “stay uninformed.”

An earlier video was removed after the Brown campaign criticized Hogan for using a photo of the lieutenant governor and his running mate, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, in which the two men were flexing their bicepts in a pose that known as “Zaching.” The photo was taken to show support for Zach Lederer, who posted a photo of himself making the pose from his hospital bed while undergoing treatments for cancer. Lederer later died.

The Hogan campaign removed the photo and posted a new version.