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A supreme pizza. (Photo Courtesy of the Agricultural Research Service)

Food, the secret to design success

Nouveau Contemporary Goods announced it was moving from Belvedere Square back to Mount Vernon after a decade, but the store’s co-owner admitted there’s a secret ingredient to the store’s success—restaurants.

Steve Appel said that when the now-closed Crush was next to the store, it provided a surprising boost not only for the retail side of the business, but also the design studio.

“When we used to have Crush besides us in Belvedere Square, you know that kind of foot traffic, what it really does, it not only drives the retail, but it drives the design business. So when you’ve got people from the neighborhood that have date nights, and have their baby sitter…and they want to have a dinner out, we would pick up design business literally all over Maryland, Northern Virginia, down at the beaches,” Appel said.

When the store reopens as Noveau Home & Interior Design in late October at 10 W. Eager St., they won’t be far from a restaurant–this time City Cafe.

“I promised myself I would never anchor my business again next to a really cool restaurant, but here I am doing it again,” Appel said jokingly.