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(The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

Making the most of Horseshoe

The long-awaited debut of Baltimore’s first casino will become a reality Tuesday night when Horseshoe Casino Baltimore opens its doors to the public at 9 p.m.

As the slots spin and the chips fly during Horseshoe’s inaugural night, gaming will be the main attraction. But it’s certainly not the only way to spend a few bucks (or many more.)

The casino is home to a variety of eating establishments, from burgers and pizza to sushi and steaks. It offers several choices for refreshment, including B’more Beers, with its offering of 32 local brews, and The Twisted Yard, a New Orleans-inspired daiquiri bar.

Its 24-hour bar, 14forty, offers not only cocktails around the clock, but live music on a stage just above the bartenders’ heads. The bar’s massive video wall will also display sports games and other major televised events.

“We’ve spent a lot of time making sure we provide the gamer as well as the non-gamer an opportunity to come down to the casino and enjoy themselves for the entertainment value that we offer in a variety of different aspects,” said Chad Barnhill, general manager of Horseshoe Baltimore, during a press event earlier this summer.

So here’s how to enjoy the casino, with a budget small or large.

For the budget-conscious


Horseshoe’s slot machines vary in denomination, even down to a single penny. The least expensive option, the penny slots, provide a chance at winning with even the most measly pocket change. Just think, for a mere dollar, you could feel the comfortable rush of a low-risk gamble up to 100 times.

Horseshoe’s staff has also made clear that it’s catering to high-rollers and low-rollers alike with its gaming options. Even the high-stakes gaming areas have flexible limits, based on the evening.


Check out the Baltimore Marketplace for a casual dining experience with plenty of options.

The marketplace features a variety of local brands like Heavy Seas, Lenny’s Deli and The Mallow Bar.

If you’re looking for the atmosphere of a sit-down restaurant, Horseshoe’s celebrity chef-inspired spaces also offer some indulgent culinary choices for less than $20 a plate. Johnny Sánchez, for example, serves tacos a la carte, while Guy Fieri’s Baltimore Kitchen & Bar offers some original takes on classic pub fare, such as the Mac-n-cheese Bacon Burger.


Take it all in. Horseshoe offers plenty of opportunities to burn a hole in your pocket, but just watching all that commotion can be entertainment in itself. The casino’s patios and outdoor dining areas also offer a view of downtown Baltimore from the south.

The 14forty bar, the centerpiece of the casino’s first floor, will stay alive through the night, with musical entertainment up to 16 hours a day and televised events playing on the screen walls that circle the top of the space.

And when football season heats up, take to the casino’s outdoor patio before and after games. Horseshoe is encouraging fans to use the space for tailgating and celebrating.

For the big spender


It’s easy to spend cash at a casino, perhaps more so than in any other place. But for those with a special affinity for high risk adrenaline, Horseshoe has several options.

Want to spend $500 fast? Simply take a turn on one of the $500 slot machines in Horseshoe’s high-limit gaming area. The table games area also has high limit offerings, with flexible limits depending on the evening.


Jack Binion’s Steak House, Horseshoe’s signature restaurant brand, encourages diners to “indulge without apology.”

The restaurant offers premium steaks, Maryland crab and an extensive drink menu that includes vintage wines. It also has a private seating area for special events.


Anyone can enjoy the bands and disc jockeys playing at the 14forty bar. But not just anyone can enjoy the entertainment from the comfort and viewpoint of the mezzanine level.

This level includes private rooms to enjoy the show, with the option of bottle service.

For those who want to enjoy gaming, friends and entertainment simultaneously, the casino offers three private gaming rooms. The rooms can be customized with one or two tables, couches and chairs. The casino has several room themes to choose from, including one for the most dedicated of Ravens fans.