Clongen adds to its tests

Clongen Laboratories, of Gaithersburg, a provider of medical diagnostic testing, has added test offerings to detect and identify emerging pathogens implicated in severe to fatal cases resulting from tick and other arthropod bites. Among the new tests are those for detecting Rift Valley Fever, Colorado Tick Fever and Chikungunya Fever. “Adding these new tests to the nearly 20 other tick-borne pathogen assays and close to 250 diagnostic assays that Clongen Laboratories has offered since 2004 will enable us to serve a broader patient  population,” Clongen President and Laboratory Director Dr. Ahmed Kilani said in a statement. “… In the world of tick- and arthropod-borne disease, early diagnosis is critical and can shorten treatment times for most of the tick and arthropod borne infections we target.”

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