WYPR protest
Dave Eberhardt was one of a few people who joined outside the WYPR station Thursday to support public radio employees who want to unionize. (The Daily Record/Lizzy McLellan)

Four show at protest in support of WYPR union

A small but passionate group of protesters showed up outside the WYPR station Thursday to support a group of employees in their quest to unionize.

WYPR employees voted on whether they should join the SAG-AFTRA union on July 30. The results are still pending, however, as seven of the 27 votes have been challenged. Of the remaining votes, nine were pro-union and 11 were against.

A hearing will soon take place under the National Labor Relations Board to determine whether the challenged votes should be valid.

None of the protesters were employees of the radio station, as the editorial staff there has said it will not comment on the issue.

Max Obuszewski of the Baltimore Nonviolence Center led the protest, which consisted of himself and three others. They stood outside the station Thursday afternoon with makeshift picket signs urging support of the unionization effort.

“I could go on and on with subjects that in my opinion are not being covered,” he said. “If the workers formed a collective, there would be much more freedom of speech.”

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