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Kevin Plank wants a Washington Olympics

Kevin Plank wants to help bring the Olympics to Washington.

The founder and CEO of Under Armour was announced as a member of the Washington 2024 team Thursday, along with 18 other capital-area business leaders, when the organization launched its website.

As the name might imply, Washington 2024 is aiming to help the nation’s capital make a killer bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. The site touts the city’s tourist attractions, prominence in the international community and its accessibility.

It makes sense that Plank would want to get involved in attracting the Olympics to a nearby city. Under Armour has increased its presence in the Olympics over the years, and will outfit the U.S. Gymnastics team in 2016.

Gov. Martin O’Malley, while not a member of the Washington 2024 team, issued a statement in support of the effort Thursday.

“Here in Maryland, we’re focused on doing the things that work to create jobs, spur innovation and expand opportunity. As one of the greatest sporting events our world has ever known, the Olympics is one of the best diplomatic tools we have to transcend the walls that divide us and provide a spark of hope for the next generation,” he said. “Hosting the Olympics will foster a lasting sports, tourism and cultural legacy for our nation while also highlighting Maryland and the Capital Region’s seamless coordination, strength, diversity, and vibrancy on the ultimate global stage.”