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To new beginnings

I initially wanted to leap right in and start writing for Generation J.D. without an introductory post. The thought of publishing 300-400 words about myself felt a bit narcissistic.

However, in the words of Harper Lee, “you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.” So, in order for you to appreciate my chronicles of life as a young attorney, my point of view needs to be shared.

Whenever anyone asks me about my legal career, I am quick to give the disclaimer, “I took the unorthodox route.” For a total of eight years, before I even became a lawyer, I worked in the legal field as a crisis manager for a national marketing corporation dealing with consumer protection law compliance and violations and as a program director for a legal nonprofit.

Although just in my 30s, I was a self-proclaimed “oldie” in my law school class. I entered law school married with one child. I had my second child the summer after my 2L year and I graduated one year earlier than my anticipated graduating class. Many wonder how in the heck did I do it all. My answer is simple — I have an amazing husband and I enjoy subjecting myself to being tortured.

Earlier this year, I left public service to embark on a career in private practice as an associate at Gilman & Bedigian LLC. As a trial attorney, every day is a new adventure that is intellectually challenging. Much like public service work, I find my job extremely rewarding and I enjoy helping people in unfortunate circumstances.

As a young lawyer, a career woman, a wife and a mom, I look forward to sharing my professional and personal experiences on this platform. I hope to entertain, enlighten, and inspire.