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The old young lawyer

I’m the old young lawyer.

In comparison to the Earth and the rest of the universe, I’m still pretty young.  But as a litigator, blogger, and attorney, I’ve been around a while. My first blog for Generation J.D. goes back to Oct. 13, 2009 and the focus was on bacon and the Supreme Court of the United States. Since then, I have, amongst other things, been named partner at my law firm, welcomed the birth of my second child, jumped into the cold water of Sandy Point State Park for the Maryland Special Olympics (and jumped in again and again), run more marathons than I can recall and have blogged about it (this very post you are reading will be my 107th for Generation J.D.).

If you have been an avid reader of my blogs, I am pretty sure you know me. Here is a quick recap – I have been practicing law since 2001, including a clerkship with Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge M. Brooke Murdock. I soon will be celebrating my 10th year at Bowie & Jensen LLC, where I practice commercial litigation and construction law. I believe in being an active participant of the MSBA and your local bar association because both provide an invaluable professional and personal benefit. I think lawyers owe it to their community to give back, whether through pro bono or through public service, because we are the stewards of the law, the legal system, and the courts.

I have transitioned from being an associate to a partner at my law firm and have blogged about the differences (both positive and negative) of the two. I have two wonderful children and a wonderful wife (who also practices law full-time) and continue to struggle with the balance between raising a family and growing a practice. I find peace through running and have been on an unending quest to run a marathon in the 13 original colonies (only two to go!).

The reason that I tell you this is because I believe that I still bring a different perspective to Generation J.D. And while I am a bit older than the other bloggers, I believe that I still relate and I believe that I can still contribute. So I plan blog on.

I do request, however, that you become active participants (whether you are a young lawyers, a more seasoned attorney, or just someone looking to kill five minutes reading an online legal blog). Comment on the blogs, share stories, call out the blogger’s claims or posts and be a part of this blogging experience.