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Unbillable hours: That (other) championship season

With the Orioles poised to clinch the division title for the first time in 17 years, another local team has broken a drought more than twice that long. Gordon Feinblatt LLC’s softball team beat Ober|Kaler’s to take the Lawyers League softball championship for the first time in the league’s history of more than 40 years.

From left, the Gordon Feinblatt team included:

Front row: Ros Markiewicz, team captain Ed Levin, Eric Schloss, Larry Coppel, Mary Rose Cook

Second row: Richard Topaz, Zachary Schultz, Kelvin Booker, Travis Dalton, Bryan Mull

Third row: Brian Moffet, Michael King, Searle Mitnick, Scott Burns

Back row: Meir Spatz, Esther Spatz, Jeff Spatz, J.J. Spatz, Frankye Duckett, Emily Grove, Bobby Talbert

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  1. Looks like a ringer in that green T-Shirt!