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Ex-Raven donates kidney to brother, ex-Steeler

Two brothers who formerly played in the NFL — one for the Baltimore Ravens, one for the Pittsburgh Steelers — recently underwent a procedure at the University of Maryland Medical Center in which one donated a kidney to the other, the hospital announced. Ma’ake Kemoeatu, the ex-Raven, donated his kidney to Christopher Kemoeatu in an operation that is expected to eliminate the former Steeler’s need for dialysis. Though Chris Kemoeatu played six years in the NFL as an offensive lineman, a childhood disease that weakened his kidneys eventually took its toll, and he began pursuing a transplant a year ago before his brother — who played nine seasons as a defensive lineman, his last as a starter on the Ravens’ Super Bowl team in 2012 — stepped in to become a donor. The transplant took place on Aug. 27 under the direction of Dr. Stephen Bartlett.