Md. teen sues over fraudulent school psychologist

ROCKVILLE — A Maryland teenager is suing Montgomery County and the estate of a man who masqueraded as a school psychologist for more than a decade.

Eighteen-year-old Brandon Hall of Rockville claims the county’s Board of Education hired and retained Duane Donald Flemmer as a psychologist after he used a false name and lied about his credentials.

Hall says Flemmer counseled his family, and was instrumental in a contentious custody battle between his parents.

Eventually, state mental health officials found that Flemmer didn’t have a proper license, and had forged documents and lied.

WTOP reports that Flemmer committed suicide in 2013 after a court garnished his home because of unpaid child support.

A Montgomery County spokeswoman confirmed Flemmer worked for the school system between 1998 and 2010 but declined to comment.

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