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Deputy Fire Marshal, Amy Linder demonstrates the animal oxygen mask on her dog, Casey, the Official Fire Safety Dalmatian for the Eugene Springfield Fire Dept. (AP Photo/The Register-Guard, Alisha Jucevic)

Md. woman outfits 21 fire companies with pet masks

HAGERSTOWN — A western Maryland woman whose beloved dogs died in a house fire has raised enough money to buy pet oxygen masks for 21 Washington County fire companies.

Ranee Baker’s two basenjis, Kylie and Cricket, died of smoke inhalation after a fire at her Hagerstown home in 2012.

The death of her dogs inspired the 44-year-old Baker to do what should could to prevent other pets from dying. In less than two weeks, Baker raised $2,600, enough to buy pet masks for the 21 county fire companies that didn’t have them.

The Herald-Mail reports that Baker delivered the first of the $75 masks to the Hagerstown Fire Department on Thursday. She plans to get the rest of them to the other departments by the end of the weekend.