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Towson bike loop complete

Baltimore County marked the completion of the Towson Bike Beltway, a 4.3-mile bike route that loops around Towson, with a ribbon-cutting last week. The $120,000 route encircles the heart of Towson, providing easier bicycle access to Towson’s shopping district, government center, two universities, Towson High School and residential neighborhoods. The bike loop is composed of three types of routes: separate bike lanes, separate bike lanes next to parking lanes and share-the-road routes that are marked by signs but have no marked lane for cyclists. The project received a $100,000 grant from the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Bikeways Program. “The Towson bike loop creates safer conditions for cyclists navigating the Towson area,” Nate Evans, executive director of Bike Maryland, said in a statement. “Through the efforts of the local advocates, Baltimore County and the Maryland Department of Transportation, more residents, commuters and students can experience Towson on two wheels.”