A Maryland flag blows in the breeze. (The Daily Record)
A Maryland flag blows in the breeze. (The Daily Record)

Smile! Maryland is the nation’s 15th happiest state

How happy are you?

Well, if you’re a Maryland resident, as many readers of The Daily Record are, you’re happier than Americans from the majority of the other states.

Maryland ranked 15th on WalletHub’s list of happiest states in the U.S.

Based on several reports, WalletHub ranked each state for three dimensions affecting overall happiness: emotional and physical well-being; work; and community, environment and recreational activities.

Maryland performed best in the work category, ranking 12th. In emotional and physical well-being it was 17th, and in activities it was 20th.

WalletHub also drew out the best and worst performers in a few more specific categories. Maryland has the fourth lowest prevalence of depression and the fourth lowest number of suicides per capita.

However, Marylanders don’t seem to be very good at expressing their above-average happiness online. On WalletHub’s “hedonometer,” which measures personal expression of happiness online, Maryland’s score tied for 47th place with Alabama.

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