Palmer House building sale official

The sale of the former Palmer House Restaurant and Devine Seafood buildings on the West Side of downtown to developers who want to build apartments and a restaurant is official.

Baltimore’s spending board approved the sale of the properties, 106-110 N. Eutaw St., for $45,000 in June. The buildings were sold to New York-based certified public accountants Adam Hoffman and Gabriel Bentovim who have been investing in single-family homes in the city for about a decade. The Baltimore Development Corp. is anticipating the properties needing about $1.9 million in investments.

“It should have 10 to 12 apartments and two or three retail spots. It depends. It might just be one restaurant, it might be a restaurant and a retail (space),” Hoffman said following the spending board’s approval of the sale.

At one time, the Palmer House was one of the most popular restaurants in the city and was known for quirks like having a tarot card reader tell fortunes after dinner and celebrity photos that decorated the walls.

“This deal is a sign of a brighter future for the Bromo Arts District neighborhood,” BDC president and CEO William Cole said in a news release.  “This project will bring a new restaurant to an area that has seen success stories at Forno, Puerto 511 and Nando’s Peri-Peri.  New apartments will create a vibrant around-the-clock environment, and these renovations will add new life to the street through a sizeable private investment.”

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