Lawsuit: Wrong address caused landscaping massacre

A local woman is suing a bank and a landscaping company after a crew allegedly removed plants from the wrong house.

According to the lawsuit filed in Baltimore Circuit Court, Bay Bank owned the property at 509 Woodside Road in 2011, and hired Rolling Hills Lawn & Landscape LLC to perform yard work to prepare the property for sale. There’s just one problem: the crews performed the yard work at 508 Woodside Road.

In the lawsuit, filed by Mary Anne Kirgan on behalf of the trust that owns the home, it spells out in great detail the family history regarding the home and the variety of plants on the property.

 “In addition to the home itself, the landscaping has been an important feature of the home and holds specific sentimental value. As [the family] had limited resources, gardening and working on the home was the way the Kirgan children spent special time with their mother. Accordingly, while the house became an important center of grounding and safety, the specific plants and landscaping became of sentimental value.”

But after the crew was done, much of the landscaping was destroyed and plants were removed.

“Many significant plants were removed from the 508 Woodside property. These included boxwoods, the magnolia tree, azeleas, a pine tree, all the mountain laurel, most of the large rhododendrons, and the dogwood tree. It appeared that professional equipment had been used to remove at least some of them as there were no traces of a root system.”

In the lawsuit Kirgan claims she has spoken with both the bank and the landscaping company and both have denied any responsibility for the incident. She’s asking for more than $75,000 to repair the damage to the property.

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