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L to R: Maryland's Gov.-elect Larry Hogan celebrates victory as fellow candidate Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown delivers his concession speech. (AP Photos)

For campaign managers this week, best and worst of times

Hmm…who to choose for this rendition of Best Week, Worst Week?

The answer is obvious: Steve Crim and Justin Schall.

Never heard of them? That’s irrelevant. These two men have been among the most influential people in Maryland for the better part of a year. For Crim, the ultimate victory came Tuesday night, when his boss, Larry Hogan, became governor-elect.

As Hogan’s campaign manager, Crim deserves a large portion of the credit for Hogan’s stunning upset of Democrat Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, the presumed frontrunner.

As for Schall, we wouldn’t blame him for crawling under the covers and hiding. Brown’s campaign manager managed to flub what by most accounts should have been the easiest job in Maryland: help a Democrat win in an overwhelmingly Democratic state.

Schall’s strategy was flawed in many ways: too much negativity, not enough distinctive vision, too much focus on social issues, not enough on pocketbook concerns.

Don’t get us wrong: Hogan’s campaign wasn’t perfect either. Both candidates were criticized for their penchant for attack ads. But ultimately, Hogan’s — that is, Crim’s — message resonated with voters, while Schall’s did not.

So yes, the governor-elect certainly owes Crim for the victory, but maybe he should also send Schall a box of cigars. You know, to thank him for his help.

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