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Air will be free at Royal Farms

Count Ed Stronski among the many people who did not know about Baltimore law that requires all of the city’s gas stations to have at least one air pump accessible to all customers free of charge.

Stronski is the marketing manager for Royal Farms, which has been named as a defendant in a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of violating the air pump law. But Stronski said Thursday the company was working on the issue even before the lawsuit was filed. (Royal Farms has not yet been served with the lawsuit, he added.)

Turns out Royal Farms has been rolling out free air at its gas stations since April and already has it available at four locations in the city — the 6200 block of Pulaski Highway, the 2700 block of Washington Boulevard, the 4800 block of O’Donnell Street and the 6400 block of Fort Smallwood Road.

By the end of the year, the company hopes to have free air at not just its 16 Baltimore gas stations but at all 125 of its gas stations in the Mid-Atlantic, Stronski said. A total of 20 gas stations currently have free air.

The best news? Now, in addition to free air, Royal Farms customers will have more money to spend on fried chicken.

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Danny Jacobs is the legal editor at The Daily Record. He previously covered trial courts at the state and local levels and served as web editor.


  1. Leave it to the brilliant minds in Maryland and Baltimore City government. You couldn’t bother to let your citenzry know about this law. However you have no problem enforcing Mickey Mouse laws that bring you money besides the excessive taxes you gouge us for. No wonder why we have voted you out of office. And 2015 is the city Mayoral race. Maybe lightening will strike twice and you too will be kindly advised not to let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

  2. Not anymore! They pulled the air from their stores yesterday. They’d rather no one get any air. Petty.