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Attorneys share their must-have apps

Mobile applications increase efficiency for dictation, research, more

The Daily Record asked some tech-savvy attorneys in Maryland about the mobile applications they use to do their jobs — in and out of the courtroom. Here are the apps they recommend.

John BrattJohn B. Bratt, attorney
Law Office of John B. Bratt, LLC

  • Visible Body: This anatomy app lets users highlight anatomical structures and visibly dissect through them. As a personal injury lawyer, Bratt says it’s something he can use in nearly every case, which makes the $90 price tag worth it.
  • Dragon Dictation: This free app lets Bratt dictate his files into his iPhone. The files then are emailed with a date and time stamp.
  • Trial Pad: This is a presentation software for trying cases that allows Bratt to use his iPad for research and writing, save PDFs of all case law and avoid “carrying a 20-pound sack of dead trees when I want to go argue a motion.”
  • Dropbox: Bratt uses this program daily to share and store large files.

Malcolm BriskerMalcolm Brisker, partner
Goodell, Devries, Leech & Dann LLP

  • Bighand Mobile: For dictation from anywhere. Dictation jobs are sent to their secretaries’ inbox.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop: Provides access to full Windows apps and virtual desktops without the expense of Citrix.
  • Microsoft Office for iPad: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive for Business. All the Microsoft essentials you need.
  • Avaya One-X: This extends the office phone to the mobile device.
  • NetDocuments: The firm’s document management system is fully accessible via this app.
  • iAnnotate: Allows you to edit PDF’s from an iPad.
  • Scanner Pro: Uses your iPad’s camera to create a portable document scanner.

Chris CorchiarinoChristopher Corchiarino, partner
Goodell, Devries, Leech & Dann LLP

  • Westlaw Next for iPad: For legal research on the go and checking opposing counsel’s cases while in court.
  • Office 360: For reviewing and revising documents while traveling.
  • Bighand: For mobile dictation which can be sent to secretaries’ inbox.
  • Southwest and Amtrak apps: For travel arrangement. Ability to check flight/train schedules, book and change reservations on the go. Also available e-ticket makes for less paper to carry and remember.
  • Marriott and Hilton apps: For lodging purposes.Checking, change reservations and make new reservation on the fly as meetings, depositions, and hearing change.

Cameron MacdonaldCameron Macdonald, partner
Whiteford Taylor Preston

  • CamScanner: Allows users to use their phone to scan documents and turn them into PDFs. “I took a picture of a whiteboard today and turned it into a PDF instead of sending around a photo.”
  • Dropbox: Used to upload and move documents around.
  • Fastcase and Lexus Nexus: Both used for legal research and looking up cases on-the-go.

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    In all of Baltimore you could not locate an African American or female techie lawyer for this piece?