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Uber: $40B in value?

Public relations screwups have recently haunted ride-sharing company Uber.

First, there was the Halloween¬†“surge pricing”¬†that resulted in some customers being charged hundreds of dollars for rides. That was followed by BuzzFeed News reporting a company’s executive saying the firm should start doing opposition research to silence journalists critical of the company.

But the negative publicity hasn’t hurt the company’s perceived value.

According to Bloomberg News, a potential round of financing by Uber Technologies Inc. has the company valued as high as $40 billion. That means the company is more valuable than 75 percent of the firms on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index members.

If Uber completes the financing, that could put it above:

— Tesla Motors Inc., with a market value of $31 billion

— Netflix Inc., at $21 billion

— Alcoa Inc., at $20 billion

— Charles Schwab Corp., wealth manager worth $37 billion

— Delta Air Lines Inc. and American Airlines Group Inc., with market caps of $37 billion and $32 billion, respectively

On a local note, T. Rowe Price Group Inc. is rumored to be interested in investing in the company.

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