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Christy A. Fisher

Associate Attorney

Setliff & Holland

Christy A. Fisher began her legal career on a small Micronesian island, working as court counsel to the Supreme Court of Palau.

She helped rewrite their rules of appellate procedure as the country was transitioning from a United Nations Trust Territory system to an independent nation.

After that, Fisher returned to the U.S. and clerked for Hon. John C. Eldridge on the Maryland Court of Appeals. She held that position for six years, helping write opinions on major issues.

“My legal career so far has been very broad and varied, and that’s what I think makes me an effective litigator,” Fisher said.

Fisher, 37, now is an associate attorney at Setliff & Holland in Annapolis, where she handles civil defense litigation, including commercial contract disputes and personal injury. She hopes to launch an appellate practice at the firm.